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March 15, 2016
BizCore to release a Report Management software in the fall of 2016.


BizCore offers many products and services some of which are listed below. Being that custom applications are a specialty of ours we can develop a solution to resolve your particular needs. Send us an email or give us a call and we can discover where our services just might help you.

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  • Crystal Reports / SSRS Development

    BizCore can design many different types of Crystal Reports as well as SSRS Reports. Many of our report designs link up to multiple databases within one report to tie these systems together for one-stop viewing. Dashboard style. We have a systematic approach to storing and accessing images used in reports to keep the size of the databases small while providing informative reports.

  • Report Automation

    Most reports can be run with dynamic parameters on an automated basis. Imagine getting an overview of yesterday's sales at breakfast in your email before work. You can plan the days meetings and action items before you leave your house. BizCore will be releasing its own report delivery system soon.

  • Custom Windows Applications

    Many custom applications have been developed by BizCore since 2009. We have developed applications to track Non-Conformances with ISO-9001, keep a log of the temperature and humidity in a manufacturing environment for use in Quality Control Systems, or applications that do nothing other than run reports and send them to the designated inboxes. A custom application can be written/developed to tie many existing applications together, such as cutting down data entry from multiple systems by entering it once in the custom application and it will write it to multiple databases/systems.

  • System Automation

    BizCore can automate many processes, many of which can be redundant. For instance if you set up a sales order the same way every time, and based on some logic determine which set of forms need to be filled out or sent through manufacturing, all of this can be automated with a custom program. BizCore has saved multiple companies millions of dollars by doing this. It is very taking something that is redundant and logic based from being a manual process to a few button clicks can save 10-15 minutes or more per cycle. Add that up over time and you can see where the savings come in.

  • Microsoft Office Automation

    Many Microsoft products such as Excel and Outlook can be automated using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to streamline their use. If you can imagine having to search for data in a database, copy and paste it in to your spreadsheet, then having to link the data and of course don't forget to format the data...all of this can be one button click.

  • Database Administration and Development

    BizCore is very experienced in the Administration and Development of SQL, MySQL and Access databases. There are key words in this topic such as Procedures, Triggers and Views that are created in the database itself that aid in report development and business management. These are all areas where BizCore is well versed. If you find yourself looking for someone who can help you, call us.

  • Database Imports, Migration and Purging

    Often we find our systems slowing down or needing to be updated to a newer version or even to a completely different system. This requires the ability to export, format and import data in large batches to conform to the specs of the new system. Many times this involves more than just exporting and importing because of the volume of data being processed. BizCore has successfully handled this for several of our customers.

  • Data Capturing Devices

    Many times the need arises for a separate system to keep track of the unique ways a business operates. That being said, it is equally important for this separate system to communicate with existing systems and databases for reporting and functionality. This isn't an easy task but one that BizCore has completed successfully many times over. Often our customers need to incorporate complex data capturing devices such as temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. These sensors can be used in Non-Conformance reporting to track trends in Non-Conformance that relate to temperature or humidity failures.

  • Industry Buzz Words...Just Ask Us!

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